About Us

The essence of MB Empress Tarot is to uplift individuals and to empower them to examine their current situation to bring awareness to self.

I offer tarot readings, general psychic tarot readings, oracle readings, same day, love, career, money, self-care readings, and much more. Most my tarot, oracle, intuitive, and psychic readings are done live on a virtual video platform.

Now I am offering phone readings too! I have been performing readings to individuals from all around the world; from the United States to the United Kingdom! 

In 2020, I discovered my spiritual gifts and unearthed my powerful ability to heal others through intuitive divination and tarot readings. Now, as an Empath, Psychic Medium, Healer, Humanitarian, Spiritualist, Clairvoyant, and Tarot Reader, I provide intuitive advice and guidance using tarot cards. I typically tell my clients that “I’m tapped into the source of spiritual knowledge.” 

If you have questions regarding a soulmate, a twin flame or a karmic, I am happy to go to great depths to explore your current situation and provide a look from a different perspective. I highlight ways you can make better decisions, and how to access your own inner healing abilities to reach your desired outcome. I connect to your energy and those you are thinking about or are involved with at this current time.

I own over 40 tarot and oracle card decks which are protected in a tarot cloth bags for protection and I pick a deck based on your energy and for your specific situation. I’ve listed all of my tarot and oracle decks below.

MB Empress Tarot Card Decks: The Wild Unknown: Tarot, The Urban Tarot, The Modern Witch Tarot, Tarot of Sexual Magic, Cat Tarot, Visconti Tarot, The Light Seer’s Tarot, The Muse Tarot, A Fairy Tarot, Millennial Tarot, The Rider Waite Tarot, Hoodoo Tarot

MB Empress Oracle Card Decks: Notes from the Universe on Love & Connection, The Wild Unknown: Archetype, The Wild Unknown: Animal Spirit, Energy Oracle, Angel Answers, The Tea is served Bitches, The Romance Angels Oracle, Island Time Wellness: Love Oracle Cards, Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards, The Psychic Tarot Oracle, The Unknowable Lives, Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Manifest Soulmate Oracle, Rebel Oracle Deck, Astrological Oracle, Smith-Waite-Tarot, The Sacred Self-Care Oracle, Fin De Siecle Kipper: Fortune Telling, Wisdom of the Oracle, Lovers Oracle, Moonology Oracle, Sacred Destiny Oracle, Keepers of the Light Oracle, Heavenly Bodies Astrology, Queen of Moon Oracle, Fairy of the Oracle, Situations Oracle, Love & Relationship Oracle

“I’m tapped into the source of spiritual knowledge.” 

~ Michelle Barnard, MB Empress Tarot